Vision Board – A Look Into The Future!


I have been using a vision board for the better part of 10 years now and I have found it to be one of the most important things in my life. My vision board has helped me in ways that I could’ve never imagined. Goals that I never thought would happen, have magically appeared into my life with the help of my vision board. I have several of them (yes you can have more than one) as well as a manifestation box.

Vision board consists of a large board that you paste pictures of things that you want and also sayings of things that you want and want to be in life. When I pass by a magazine stand, I get very excited because I try to look into the magazines to see which ones will have the most pictures that I like, and that I want to post on my vision board.

I have mine hanging in my back door mudroom. I hang it there so I can see it every day as I passed by.

Before company comes over I just stick it in the closet or a storage space so that no one will give me strange looks or strange questions about it, but if it is someone that you trust, it surely is a conversation starter.

A few years ago back I pasted a picture of an SUV that I wanted and I must admit that it took a little while, but two years later, I was able to get the same exact model of that car For a very much reduced price. It just came to me. It was as if it was meant for me.


I pasted a picture of a vacation spot that I thought would never take place and one year later I was on that trip with my family having a wonderful time. It was an unbelievable experience.

When one of your goals have been achieved do not take off that picture. Just replace it and paste on top of it with another picture of another goal.

As I said earlier I have several Vision Board’s, you can have one for your finances for your relationships, as many different boards that you would like.

I once placed a picture of Superman on my vision board, to represent power, strength, and the ability to fly with speed toward my destination and goals in life.


Of course psychic ability and intuition is featured.


If it is more money that you desire, place pictures of money, gold, jewels, a bank, money tree, etc.


If it is a new house that you are dreaming of, place pictures and cut outs of houses, bedrooms, kitchens, furniture that you like, etc.

If your goal this year is to lose weight, paste things like, healthy food, vegetables, a scale, a person exercising, certain sayings like, “new year, new me!”.

Experts say that a Vision Board helps you to achieve your goals, by constantly seeing the board, and it keeps your mind focused on your goal.

You can believe it that way, but I just feel that there is magic to it, because I once placed it in a closet when some friends came over, and I kind of forgot about it for several months. When I was looking through my closet, I saw it and I was amazed at how many wishes came to pass during the time it was stored away!

So my feeling is that when you paste something you desire on your vision board, you are basically telling the universe what you want. You have placed your order. It’s done! And so now the universe must deliver.

If it is a relationship or marriage that you desire, paste cut outs from magazines of wedding cakes, gowns, centerpieces, certain sayings like “I DO”.

I saw a talk show recently, where an expert came on and said that she pasted a picture of her head on the body of a pretty bride, and the head of the man that she desired on the groom, and pasted that couple on her vision board. And within months she was in a relationship with her one time crush.

There is an app that I found that can complete that for you. It’s called Face In Hole, and it basically places a snapshot of your head on the body of someone in various situations. You can then just print it out and paste it to your board. I think that’s an awesome thing to do with all those selfies you have laying around:)

I really can’t give you a specific time frame on how long it will take for things to come to pass, I guess it may vary from person to person, or how difficult your goal may be. For instance, let’s say you paste a picture of a car that you want. Well I think it could take anywhere from several months to even a year to attain, but if it is something like winning the lottery jackpot or receiving an Academy Award, when your not even in show business, might take a while.

So my advice would be to paste things that you want, and it’s ok to dream really big. Just place your dreams on your board and let it go. Don’t think about it. It will come.

In my next post, I will explain more about the Manifestation Box, so stay tuned and stay enlightened.


The Ultimate Woman’s Fair was a Success!

Well I must say it has been a busy month. October is over, and November is here. The holiday season has begun! I’ve been so busy these past few weeks, that now I am starting to wind down. There still is tonight though. I will be in deep prayer for November 1st. Which is All Saints Day. This is a very powerful day to pray for all of your hearts desires.

It was a busy October for me because of the Ultimate Woman’s Expo that was last weekend, and it was a hit! We had such a large turnout.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the crowd, because once it started, it was non-stop readings. I did however take some pictures of our booth, and it turned out great.




Everyone had such a great time, and the clients loved getting real answers. I will definitely be doing it again next May.


I hope you had a great October and I wish for you an even better November. If you need answers and advice, call me now.

I will be at the Women’s Expo Los Angeles – Oct. 25-26


A little bit about the Women’s Expo:
“We’ve gathered the very best leading companies, boutiques and brands together to bring a new level of women’s expo to Los Angeles. Never before have there been so many great reasons to visit a Women’s Expo – The Ultimate Women’s Expo.”

I am once again attending the annual Women’s Expo in Los Angeles, that will be taking place on the weekend of October 25-26.

Booth number: 1226

Please be sure to stop by my booth and get a reading.
There will be special prices that will be for this event only.

Prices are:

Palm Reading $10

Tarot Card $15

Full Life Reading $25

Chakra Reading $35

Again, these readings will only be available during this event only.

If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello.

Please be sure to visit booth number: 1226

Our booth will have a banner that says readings by Jacqueline. Jacqueline is my sister, and a fabulous Psychic as well.

Her and I are teaming up to bring Psychic Awareness and insightful Readings to this event. When you are there, ask for me Dr. Dina. I hope to see you there

Create a WANT list!

For the visualizing process to be more effective, it is always important to make a list, or lists for that matter. I love making lists. Want list, gratitude list, daily goal lists and more.

Generally it is called a want list, but I like to call it an “I have” or “I AM” list.
I do it this way because with the Law of Attraction, it is better to say “I have” rather than “I want”.

Saying merely “I want” creates the energy of wanting and being without, where as with “I have” creates the vibration that you already have this in your life, and therefor the law of attraction must provide this into your life.

Your list can be unlimited, as there is an unlimited supply of everything you could ever want. Don’t think that you have to put certain wants ahead of others because you don’t want to be stingy. With the Law of Attraction, you don’t have to feel that way, because there is an unlimited abundance waiting for you.

Making your list is very easy. You can make your list using a pad and pencil, notebook, diary, computer, cell phone, I pad, journal, etc.

I start with a little note of gratitude, something like “Thank you god for making my dreams come true.”

From there I write:

1: I have a new car this year and I am very grateful.

2: I have lost 20 pounds of weight this year, and I am grateful for this because I feel great!

And so on.

Even if you do not believe that these things could ever happen to you, just keep writing as if it is. As the song goes “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

At first I did not believe it either, but then I kept at it, and saw miracles happen. You can too.

If you want to find out more about how to use the Law of Attraction in your life, give me a call. Through my readings and counseling sessions, I can help you use The Law of Attraction to manifest anything into your life.

Call me now. (818) 578-3200 for more information.

You must let go…

The most important thing and also the hardest part of The Law of Attraction, is the part where it tells you to let go. I know it may sound confusing, so let me explain. The basic way that you are supposed to attract something, is first to think about what you really want. It has to be specific. It cannot be “I want to travel the world” It has to be more specific than that. That would be like going into a restaurant and saying that you want some food. So just like placing a detailed order of food, you are supposed to place an order of your true desire to the universe. ( BTW, in my world, god is the universe, and the universe is god.)

Once you have determined what it is that you truly want, then you can place your order. There are different ways of placing your order with the universe. Some recommend that you write a letter to the universe explaining exactly what you want.
Some say that a prayer is a form of ordering, some have used the iPad app. Yes there is an app for that. And while I have tried all of these methods, the one that I feel I connect with the most is talking to the universe through meditation.

While I am in a meditative state, I tell the universe exactly what I want as if I already have it. And I say it with gratitude. For example: “I feel so grateful that I was able to afford that wonderful trip to France. It was so exciting to visit the the first stop on my tour of the world. Thank you universe for bringing that experience to me.”

To many, that is called Cosmic Ordering. And when I do this through meditation, it is when I feel most closest to source. But it can be anything that you want. If you want more money, place an order to the universe for an exact amount, just try not to put it way out of reach.

Once you have placed your order, it is on its way. At this time you should visualize that you already have it. Imagine that you are on the plane to your first destination.
Imagine what your destination looks like and how it makes you feel. Visualize yourself ordering a pastry from a French bakery. Yes make your imagination that specific. But now you have to let go. And what that means is, to not keep dwelling on the fact that it has not yet arrived. Try not to worry about the HOW it is going to come, just know that it is. And start concentrating on your present life in the meantime. Say to yourself “I have placed my order and now I am going to concentrate on other things. I am not going to worry, I am just going to let it go and let the universe work on it for me.”

It’s like when you try to find something in your house and you get frustrated because you have been looking for hours and you still cannot find it, but then you just give up and start doing something else, and then two days later, that thing you were looking for just shows up. It happens to me all the time.

So letting go after placing your cosmic order is the hardest part of this process, but it is the most important. And I think it’s because when you let it go, you are no longer in a place of wanting, which is also a feeling of despair of not having it. So when you let go, you go into a state of allowing, and that is where you want to be.

That is when the magic truly happens. So to summarize –

Know what you want
Place your Cosmic Order
Let go
Enter the feeling of allowing

Then prepare to receive the blessings and remember to be grateful for all of the wonderful things that you already have.

Next, I will be talking about Gratitude and all the wonderful ways we can begin to appreciate. And how it can help to bring even more to be grateful for.

Always think BIG!

You must think big in order to get more out of life. Never put a limit on your dreams or goals. You must BELIEVE to achieve. The fears within us, make it hard to believe that anything is possible. and this fear can keep you at a stand-still in any situation. Remove this fear by thinking for a moment about all the wonderful possibilities when you have achieved that goal. For example: if you are looking to buy a car, but many obstacles stand in your way of getting that car, dont think about all of the obstacles and then say to yourself that you will never be able to get that car, because you will never get that car!

Instead, just imagine what it would be like to drive that car, the feeling, the smell of a new car. Picture yourself driving it, and most importantly feel happy when you are thinking about that car. Tell yourself that you can get this car no problem.

Even if you do not truly believe what you are thinking or telling yourself, say it anyways, because little by little you are taking all those negative thoughts out of your mind and replacing them with new ones.

I went to a car lot not to long ago and I saw a car that I wanted but I knew I could not afford it. It was about 12000 over my budget. I was pretty sad and i thought all kinds of negative thoughts. Why? because I’m human! but then I turned around and said to the car “YOUR MINE! and you are coming home with me, so make yourself cheaper and get ready!”

Yea I was talking to a car! so we stood at the dealership for about an hour and tried to get it cheaper, but it was not happening, then right before we were about to leave, the manager came by and said to wait, maybe he can help us. so we waited around for onther hour then they said that they crunched the numbers and they made the car a little cheaper, and also they took our old car as a trade-in for WAY WAY more than it was worth! so we got the car at a price we could afford! we were in complete shock! But it worked! I thought bigger. I fought the negative thoughts and I stayed in a happy place and we got our family car.

When a happy thought stays in your mind and you start to visualize your life with that thing you want most, it comes. It just has to come, it has no choice but to be yours. So think happy and don’t be afraid to think big!

I would like to say hello…

Hi there my name is Dina.

This is my first post and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

My hopes for this blog is to inspire the true spiritual light that is within all of us.

I will be sharing stories, tips and advice about love, relationships, Feng Shui, The Laws Of Attraction, Prayers and more.


I hope you visit often, and I hope that this blog will give you peace, understanding

and the inspiration you need for your life.