The Ultimate Woman’s Fair was a Success!

Well I must say it has been a busy month. October is over, and November is here. The holiday season has begun! I’ve been so busy these past few weeks, that now I am starting to wind down. There still is tonight though. I will be in deep prayer for November 1st. Which is All Saints Day. This is a very powerful day to pray for all of your hearts desires.

It was a busy October for me because of the Ultimate Woman’s Expo that was last weekend, and it was a hit! We had such a large turnout.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the crowd, because once it started, it was non-stop readings. I did however take some pictures of our booth, and it turned out great.




Everyone had such a great time, and the clients loved getting real answers. I will definitely be doing it again next May.


I hope you had a great October and I wish for you an even better November. If you need answers and advice, call me now.

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