Always think BIG!

You must think big in order to get more out of life. Never put a limit on your dreams or goals. You must BELIEVE to achieve. The fears within us, make it hard to believe that anything is possible. and this fear can keep you at a stand-still in any situation. Remove this fear by thinking for a moment about all the wonderful possibilities when you have achieved that goal. For example: if you are looking to buy a car, but many obstacles stand in your way of getting that car, dont think about all of the obstacles and then say to yourself that you will never be able to get that car, because you will never get that car!

Instead, just imagine what it would be like to drive that car, the feeling, the smell of a new car. Picture yourself driving it, and most importantly feel happy when you are thinking about that car. Tell yourself that you can get this car no problem.

Even if you do not truly believe what you are thinking or telling yourself, say it anyways, because little by little you are taking all those negative thoughts out of your mind and replacing them with new ones.

I went to a car lot not to long ago and I saw a car that I wanted but I knew I could not afford it. It was about 12000 over my budget. I was pretty sad and i thought all kinds of negative thoughts. Why? because I’m human! but then I turned around and said to the car “YOUR MINE! and you are coming home with me, so make yourself cheaper and get ready!”

Yea I was talking to a car! so we stood at the dealership for about an hour and tried to get it cheaper, but it was not happening, then right before we were about to leave, the manager came by and said to wait, maybe he can help us. so we waited around for onther hour then they said that they crunched the numbers and they made the car a little cheaper, and also they took our old car as a trade-in for WAY WAY more than it was worth! so we got the car at a price we could afford! we were in complete shock! But it worked! I thought bigger. I fought the negative thoughts and I stayed in a happy place and we got our family car.

When a happy thought stays in your mind and you start to visualize your life with that thing you want most, it comes. It just has to come, it has no choice but to be yours. So think happy and don’t be afraid to think big!

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