DIY Love Spell Jar

Love Spell Jar
Love Spell Jar

A homemade LOVE SPELL JAR can help to call in love and passion into one’s life. It is done with the intention of calling in the higher power of the universe, spirit, magic and the law of attraction, to bring change, and more love with help from divine guidance.

Before making a Love Spell Jar, you must be clear on what kind of love you want to manifest. Is this self love, or love from another person.

Let’s start off with the items you will need to make this LOVE SPELL JAR:

1: A small to medium sized jar with a top that closes, like a cork top, screw top, or a jar that latches shut.

2: Small Rose Quartz Stones. If it is self love, use 1 stone. If it is love from another, then you will need two rose quartz stones for this ritual.

Rose quartz is a powerful stone of unconditional love. It is attuned to the heart chakra and can enhance the feelings of self-love, romance, connection, attracts love.

3: A few red rose petals , and a few pink rose petals.

Red rose petals in magic, represent love & passion. Pink rose petals represent sweetness, gentleness & perfect happiness.

4: A small sprig of rosemary.

Rosemary in magic and spells, represent love, lust, & protection. Such a wonderful herb.

5: A few pinches of pink salt.

Himalayan pink salt is known to bring protection to relationships, and remove blockages.

6: Organic Honey

Honey is used to sweeten the jar and your intentions, and encourage a person to be more loving towards you.

7: A few drops of Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is a powerful love-drawing herb. And jasmine will enhance magic!

8: A small hand written scroll of intentions and affirmations.

Be sure to write down your name and the name of the person you wish to attract. Add affirmations starting with “I AM” in the sentence. Example “I AM grateful that I have true love in my life.”

Love spell Jar

Love Spell Jar Instructions:

Place the rose quartz stones and rose petals at the bottom of the jar, then the intention scroll, followed by the salt, rosemary, and jasmine oil. Then pour in the honey, until it covers all ingredients.

While pouring honey, be sure to think of the feelings you would have, if you had the love you want, as if it’s already happened. Feel the positive energy of that divine life force and power within.

Seal the jar shut, and place on a mantle, shelf, or in your fang shui love corner which is located at the back right corner of your room.

The most important step to this DIY LOVE SPELL JAR ritual, is to let go of attachment to the outcome. If it’s meant to be, it will happen through divine intervention and divine timing.

Please note and understand that this is not going to clear every problem in the relationship. If something is too resistant, then you may have to find out what is meant in this relationship, or where the resistance is originating from.

If you want to experience a more powerful love spell or to find out if the person you desire, is your twin flame and meant to be, then be sure to get a full psychic love reading with me before performing any spell yourself.

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