7th Sense Psychic


I am a 7th Sense Psychic, in every way. But what is the 7th Sense anyway? Well, first comes the 6 senses that we are all familiar with = sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and sense of movement.

Then there is another sense. One that you may know of very well. It begins with just a “feeling”. An inner knowing, that sometimes just takes over, and keeps nagging at you, until you make the necessary change that this inner knowing requires.

This feeling is the 7th sense, and it’s called INTUITION.

I have been guided by my inner intuition, since I was very young, and it has never let me down. Your intuition is truly designed by your angels as a personal GPS. You will feel enlightened, more uplifting, heightened psychic sense, and overall well being when your intuition is at its highest.


The ability to lift your 7th sense, begins with meditation. Meditate not only grounds and centers the mind, but it also helps to stay focused, increases fulfillment, helps to release and anxiety, and helps to raise your spiritual awareness and vibrations.

Start with just a few minutes per day at first, and preferably at bedtime, as this is when you will be more relaxed. Quite the mind and concentrate on deep breaths for 2 minutes.

Once you feel comfortable, you can move forward with meditation for 5 minutes per day. When you meditate, you will find your mind start to wander. Don’t worry when this happens. Just bring your mind back to the present moment.

Meditation provides mental clarity, emotional strength, improves focus, boosts energy levels, and more. 7th sense psychics, give readings using there intuition and clairvoyance, more than using tools, such as tarot and/or pendulums. Intuition is also often used from 7th sense psychics to enhance the use of divination tools. I know that my tarot cards reveal hidden messages to me when I incorporate my 7th sense in my psychic tarot card readings.

Remember to listen to your inner intuition, and you will be on the right path.

If you want to find out more about how to heighten your intuition and personal psychic energy, be sure to contact me, about my psychic energy healing and heightening sessions.

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